Sunday, 18 April 2010

showing off....

Well, yesterday I went with my son to pick up his new car it's a little beauty I'm not one for cars as long as they get me from A to B but this one is lovely and goes like a little rocket even though it's getting on in years..ideal car for all this sunny weather went for a spin with him and at first I said ooh I could do with a ..and my son said what a scarf I said no a flippin neck brace as he put his foot down my head nearly flew off haha but he soon got used to driving it and it's so much fun,driving along with the wind blowing in your hair..


  1. Hello! Firstly - beautiful car! Secondly - beautiful soaps! I especially love the all natural ones and your EO combinations sound SO MUCH MORE creative than mine! Wow. You also look like a MASTER at swirling. I have made several attempts and only 1 semi-successful swirling batch... do you use a log mould? Any tips for me for swirling? One of your soaps looks a little like one of mine and it also has green clay!! It is the first "black-line" soap I tried after Tiggy's tutorial about the black-line with cocoa powder. I love the look but the black line has turned out weird in the final product. Sort of hard and rough when I use the soap. Have you found that too? Look forward to hearing from you. xo Jen

  2. Hi Jennifer lovely to see you here!
    Your soaps are gorgeous love the strawberry milkshake one...and your swirling is great too I'm certainly no master at swirling Jennifer I have just been using a chop stick but would like to try a bamboo skewer which has a finer point as I'm really new to swirling and just keep practising,the green clay with the black line is still curing so I haven't tried it yet but I put the cocoa powder into a little sieve and sprinkled it on very gently don't know if that would help but will let you know when I use it..thanks for all of your lovely comments and 'speak' to you soon x

  3. forgot to say yes I use a wooden log mould