Saturday, 10 April 2010

Goats milk ..ha.. more like yuks milk...

I have felt the urge to make goats milk soap for ages now so decided to have a go yesterday..I used frozen goats milk and half water added small amounts of lye and mixed it really well it took a lot of patience and thought I had done well ha..what I didn't keep a check on was the temperature of the oils compared to the temperature of the lye/goats milk/water combo it was all going too well until I started to bring it to trace and there in the bowl staring back at me was a massive lump of rice pudding mix arrgh I did everything I could to save this I bunged it into the crock pot and let it cook and when it didn't taste like a battery (after doing the zap test)I poured it into my mould only to find about 1 inch of oil sitting at the bottom of the crock pot... ooh I thought you aint getting the better of me and left it overnight dripping in oil .This morning it has set but it's going for a rebatch when it's hard the moral of this story is to soap cool when using frozen goats milk..I had read up on this before I started but in my excitement of not have orange foul smelling lye from the goats milk I simply forgot to watch my oil temps...
I also made another batch without added goatsmilk... pics later


  1. I'm so sorry your gm soap didn't play nice. I only use gm as half my liquid and dissolve the lye in filtered water first as the other half. I add the gm to my oils and SB it in well, then add the lye water when ready. This seems to work fine. If you like the idea of 100% gm then you can add the powdered milk to your liquid gm to make up the difference :)

  2. Aaww thanks Topcat that is brilliant I will give that a go sometime soon and let you know how I get on