Sunday, 20 June 2010


Hi everyone..another beautiful day here in the UK I hope all fathers are enjoying there day!
Just a little update I'm still doing my market in Bude which I enjoy especially when the weather is this good having said that I got sunburnt just a little on my back but Polly's body butter came to the rescue Polly is miss polly ( she is on my blog list )and her butter is fab! I am usually very careful and slather myself in sun screen and even though I was under my gazebo I still copped for it but then I go wandering off chatting to people so I am not fixed under my gazebo(how boring would that be)so it serves me right! like I said I love Polly's butters and they have lasted for ages..I have beem making a few soaps and have a few pics to show you
enjoy spoiling your loved ones.... until the next time x