Friday, 23 July 2010

Found this box for my table..

so I thought I would give my table a revamp to go alongside my new packaging..I have got some lovely gingham fabric which I shall make into a tablecloth and just have a change..what do you think?

Friday, 16 July 2010

Enjoyed my day yesterday...

despite the awful rain and high winds! felt so glad that I was in the craft tent and not outside with my gazebo with  all the wind and rain blowing full pelt! The event wasn't as busy as expected still lots of people about but not so many as last Saturdays so got a chance to chat to customers about my products and just general chit chat..I did quite well considering and there was another soap lady there she didn't make anything herself she bought it in from an ex employer from L**H
I have met her before she's a nice lady but her soap looked and smelled very artificial I used to be a big fan of those products years back before I started making my own soap but then my opinions have changed ..big time
Anyway I was looking at her stuff and picked up a soap with sponge inside it very similar to those loofah soaps which are nice to look at and have never tried so can't comment  anyway she said I don't know how they do it how on earth do they get the sponge and loofah inside the soap I just though's not up to me to tell you( I have got a mean streak sometimes haha) but she should do her research if she is selling the stuff.. that's the real beauty of making your own products because we can talk forever about how we make them and exactly what goes into them..
Oh I also changed some of my packaging so didn't get annoyed with later x

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Starting to get really busy..,,

Busy is good I know but the trouble with me is everything is coming at once it's all or nothing....
Anyway I am making a start so I thought I would show you a few soaps that I have been doing I also have made a batch of lavender which isn't in my pics
as they need to be cut.

I have got my first big show this coming Saturday and then another big show the following Thursday then another craft fair on the Saturday I usually do my Bude market on the Friday but that's had to go by the by for this week..You know when I first started making soap   I never thought I would be selling so quickly! Everything has just gone mad but a good mad if there is such a thing..
August is going to be really busy and could do with being in two places at once literally..I have been accepted to do a fab craft fair and was accepted the other night after taking a few soaps to show and after a lot of compliments got accepted oh yes said I not realising that I have another big show the very same day the start of craft fair anyway going back to fab craft fair I don't really have to attend the fair myself 24/7 it's run over 8 days all I do is set up my table mark everything with a price put spare stock under table the fair is manned by 5 peeps 2 at the till and 3 wandering about filling up and looking after stock etc all bags tissue paper is all included there will be 26 tables in a hall I will have to cover two shifts we all have to take turns but I don't mind but had better check my diary first! I really like the sound of this and have agreed to go for it but need to get cracking with making more soaps etc because while my table is sitting in the lovely craft fair I have a big show and the following day my Bude market... so how's that for forward planning haha
Anyway if you don't here from me for a while you know where I'll be either out and about or in my kitchen making stuff..
Hope your all keeping busy too!