Sunday, 2 May 2010

Got another fair coming up..friday

It certainly comes around quick..again at Bude (every fortnight until September)I have been experimenting with a few soaps, this time I used a delicious tea which I bought at the Bude fair the last's a gorgeous tea ,strawberry and kiwi but the lye didn't think so as it ate it up grr but as you soapers know nothing escapes lye, anyway I watched this fab deep red tea turn black,brown,orange and eventually settled at a coffee colour so that's the colour of my batch I even added a touch of clay but made no difference to the colour whatsoever..I will post some pics later on and you can see what I mean...
I am also seriously thinking of making some butters/lip balms to add to my soap collection so will post pics again later on this week I'm glad I have all these things to think about it helps me take my mind off things x


  1. Good luck with the fair, Edith, and I'm glad you've got something to occupy your mind. I hope you are feeling a little better in yourself. I've set aside 2 wee sample pots of lip scrubs for you. I experimented yesterday and will post them later in the week.

    Take care, Polly

  2. I am sorry about your dog, Edith. I have two Bischon frise (mother and daughter) that I love to bits.
    Isn't lye interesting to work with though! You just never know what it will do. I'm starting to experiment with colours more and am always interested to hear how others do in their experiments. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Edith, Thank you for your comments on my blog about my craft fair display... the truth is I got the idea for the baskets from the photos of your display!! I LOOOOVVVEEDD your display. I just turned the baskets upside down to play with levels a bit. Very sorry to hear about your dog. xo Jen

  4. Polly that is so sweet of you,you know that I am your number one fan with your products so will be very happy to be your guinea pig and hope you will try out my samples when I get round to making them I have been out shopping today and retail therapy is good for the soul haha and thanks for everything your an angel!
    Ambra thank you for your comments and I really love Bischon frise doggies and mum and daughter aww that's really lovely ...
    Jen I'm glad that I gave you a little inspiration and that's also a great tip about turning the baskets upside down for height it's great that we can help each other out..take care everyone x

  5. Thank you for following the CC Blog again, we value your support.
    Loving your products and good luck with your next fair.
    Alison @Plans and Presents.

  6. Morning! Thank you for joining in again! Good luck with your fair.
    We've been working on a website and forum to share with you all, come and sign up and join in as much as you like! The forum will help us to get to know you and your business better and hopefully we can all help each other make our business' more popular! Heres the link Go to the right hand side where it says members area, click on register and fill out a few details, we will confirm you as a member and away you go!
    Thanks again for your support, hopefully we'll see you in the C|C forum! x

  7. Thanks Alison and C/C I will have a look at the link you gave me x

  8. Already following you from Women Wednesday blog hop, thanks for joining in again, Lois x