Sunday, 20 June 2010


Hi everyone..another beautiful day here in the UK I hope all fathers are enjoying there day!
Just a little update I'm still doing my market in Bude which I enjoy especially when the weather is this good having said that I got sunburnt just a little on my back but Polly's body butter came to the rescue Polly is miss polly ( she is on my blog list )and her butter is fab! I am usually very careful and slather myself in sun screen and even though I was under my gazebo I still copped for it but then I go wandering off chatting to people so I am not fixed under my gazebo(how boring would that be)so it serves me right! like I said I love Polly's butters and they have lasted for ages..I have beem making a few soaps and have a few pics to show you
enjoy spoiling your loved ones.... until the next time x


  1. Oh, thanks Edith (I'm blushing here). My hubby slathered his face in my May Chang BB this morning as he got burned yesterday. Hee hee, he's never smelled so nice in all his life xx

    You stall looks so so lovely and inviting and you package your soaps very nicely. Well done, everything looks very pretty. I know they are amazing on your skin too. I'm so glad your happy and doing well. xxxxxx

  2. Thanks Polly ooh I love the sound of may chang bb not surprised hubs smelled good it's one of my fave essential oils..much prefer to use your bb as an after sun skin soother x

  3. Edith, your soaps are so gorgeous, and your table looks great! So glad that the markets are going well! :)

  4. All your soaps are so beautiful & you have such an appealing set up. I love those green/pink/yellow rainbow colored soaps best of all.

  5. Hi Lisa thank you! I am following your lovely blog too x

  6. Hi Edith,your blog is lovely, and your soaps are wonderful,
    I also love the cockers spaniel,my cocker Viela
    soon is going to be a mom.
    kisses from Spain