Saturday, 27 March 2010

what I have been doing today

Well I did a table top sale ..nothing as exciting or profitable as a craft fair or market but I can honestly say that I enjoyed the social side of things and it could possibly lead to a proper craft fair or two..I got loads of compliments about my soaps and even sold a few but I am so pleased to have met contacts.I met a die hard craft fair 'expert' who certainly knows her stuff she gave me loads of ideas of who to get in touch with because every fair that I have tried for here in Devon/Cornwall have been booked up and I know the reason why now is because the crafters as she calls them book up for the next event whilst they are at the craft I think I'm well in with her hahah...anyway the next craft fair could be in May and have given my details to the person who runs it so that's good..I have come back with bags of delicious fudge and home made cakes so my diet has gone out the window for another week all freebies and swaps they were such a friendly bunch in Bude..also the car boots are starting up and there is one just down the road from me and it get packed with holiday makers and the advice given to me was to get a gazebo style tent so that I stand out and not just get lost with the other peeps who sell junk sounds stuck up saying that but you get my meaning.


  1. I have tried car boots last year, but round here it was hopeless. I only got the crowd that tried to hagggle down T-Shirts at 10p each and basically wanted everything for free. Hopefully it's better round your area with the tourists and the summer crowd.

  2. Sabine your totally right about car boots peeps seem to want something for nowt and I'm not prepared to do that with my soaps as you know yourself oils,butters etc aren't cheap.The car boot was a suggestion from someone who I met yesterday and like you say it's full of tourists here looking for gifts to take back home so at the moment it's just a last resort.I have a few contacts now regarding fairs so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.